Consent for Photography and Internet Usage

At Glass Garden Art Stained Glass and Copper Foiling Glass Workshops, we like to take photos of everyone busy creating and to then share the experiences of our participants on our website, social media, and promotional materials. We believe these photos provide a wonderful way to showcase the creative work that happens during our workshops.

Consent: We value your privacy and respect your right to control how your image is used. Before enrolling in one of our workshops, we kindly request your consent to be photographed and to have your images and likeness used for the following purposes:

  1. Website: Your photos may be featured on our website to showcase the artistic creations produced during our workshops.
  2. Social Media: We may share images of our workshops and participants on our official social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  3. Promotional Materials: Your photos may be included in our promotional materials, such as flyers, brochures, and advertisements, to promote future workshops.

How Your Consent Works:

  • Opt-In: By enrolling in our workshop, you can opt-in to give us permission to take and use your photographs for the purposes mentioned above. This opt-in is entirely voluntary, and you have the choice to decline.
  • Opt-Out: If, at any point during the workshop, you decide you no longer wish to participate in our photography and internet usage consent, please inform our staff, and we will respect your decision.

Your Control:

Your participation in our glass workshops is not contingent on granting consent for photography and internet usage. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or how your images will be used, please feel free to discuss them with me before or during the workshop.

We are committed to ensuring your comfort and privacy throughout your workshop experience. Thank you for considering this consent request, and we look forward to sharing the creativity and beauty of your work with the world.

By enrolling in our workshop, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Photography and Internet Usage Consent policy

Ellie Drake-Lee. Sept 2023